1. The Beginning: Overcoming doubt and finding your voice

Writing is deceptively difficult. If you’re anything like me, you hear all of these words and ideas in your head, and you often struggle to get them onto paper. And when you finally do, they don’t look like they sounded in your mind. Why is that? Our inner-monologue is so natural, yet the words we write come out forced and fragmented.

There isn’t really an answer. There isn’t a single rule, a supplement, an exercise that’s going to solve all of your writing woes. But if you have ideas in your head, you should realize that those ideas are completely unique to you and you only. You have stories that only you can tell. That’s amazing to me, and it’s my biggest source of creativity.

If there’s one thing I wish I would have learned years ago, it’s this. Writing well can be really challenging. And like anything else, when you begin writing, you’re not going to be very good. The biggest challenge is overcoming your own shitty writing, accepting it, and getting better.

I’ve taken so many breaks from writing because of my disappointment in my own work. But you need to be realistic when you begin a creative process. It takes time to hone your skills, to do things naturally, and to be happy with your work.

All of these ideas are summed up nicely by Ira Glass in this two minute video. It’s my go-to writing inspiration, I think it can benefit anyone who’s experienced disappointment in their own work.

Until next time, write on.


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