10. Be creepy for better dialogue

That’s right. Find a bush to hide in. Eavesdrop on your neighbors. Do whatever it takes to listen to real conversation.

Dialogue isn’t an easy beast to tame. Everybody has their own speech quirks, and nobody really speaks perfectly. I think that’s the most important thing to take away from this: don’t write robot dialogue. Write in mistakes, weird mannerisms,mispoken phrases. Inject some reality into your dialogue.

“What do you think of these chairs, man?”           “What chairman?”

The best way to figure all of this out is to listen to people talk. Not yourself or even your friends. You’ve heard that all before. Listen to strangers talk. Watch how their conversation progresses. Is one person dominating the conversation? Can you use that in your story?

Dialogue isn’t a simple thing, but you can add some relatable aspects to your stories by making an effort at realistic character dialogue.

Good luck. Write on.


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