11. Your ideas are good, but are they great?

Something I’ve seen quite a bit on difference writing forums is the idea of falling out of love with your story ideas. Pat Mallon, a reddit user, posted this comment on the topic:

“A writing idea is a lot like a relationship – sexy and mysterious at first. Some of the appeal may fade as you shape it and make it stronger, but you have to stay committed in order to harvest its best qualities in the end.

To you, it may seem like a long arduous road. However, for a reader who picks up the book, it will (hopefully) fly by quickly and be filled with the excitement that you once had for the project.”

This is great advice, and something I repeat to myself often. Writing is a long, painful, challenging task. I’ll tell you right now that if you’re ever planning on writing a novel, you will not sustain a consistant amount of passion or enthusiasm for your story throughout the writing process. It’s just not realistic.

But that what makes writing so rewarding: the challenge. Overcoming mental blocks, plot holes, content. Your resilience can be used to your advantage in your writing, and it will make your completed novel or story all the more gratifying.

Stick with it, and write on.


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