16. Keep a journal. Preferably a pink, fuzzy one under lock and key

I was browsing through PositiveWriter.com this morning as I sat outside the Union burning my mouth on some molten coffee. I don’t need any motivation today, but I figured I could put some in the reserves for later. 

Bryan Hutchinson wrote a post on the importance of keeping a journal. He talks about how ideas and memories have a way of evading your writing subconscious when it comes time to sit down in front of a blank page. For me personally, I don’t remember coming up with too many great ideas only having them slip away into my jumbled, caffeine driven college brain. But that’s the point. I don’t remember

The advantages of keeping a journal are all pretty tangible. Whether your pages are filled with high school drama or your frustrating bus commute every day to work, you’re writing and you’re developing a voice. Practice won’t make perfect, but it can make you a damn good writer and a journal is another way to find that potential. 

In his post, Hutchinson went on to talk about how useful a journal can be in overcoming writer’s block. Everyone who has written a long story or a book has come to a point of standstill in their writing. Nothing is more intimidating to a writer than a blank page staring back at them. Well, maybe spiders. SO MANY LEGS!

The point is, the unfiltered writing that takes place inside those fuzzy pink journal covers might be exactly what you need to jumpstart whatever part of the brain connects your mind to your pen. No editing. No expectations. Just pure writing. And you might be surprised in the result. 

Read Bryan’s full post here. It’s worth the read. 

Now go pour your heart out. Write on!


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