18. The finer things: blogging

This blog started as an assignment. It still is I suppose. I would not be here writing this post, right now, if I didn’t have to for a class. But I find that whenever a sit down, discontented by the work that awaits, I quickly shift gears and get lost in the writing. 

There are a couple reasons for this. For starters, not many people are going to see these posts. My first few posts on this blog were pretty out of character for me because I was writing for this big, mythical audience of mine. The reality is, not many people are reading this right now. Once I figured that out, I got more comfortable producing content in my voice. And once I figured that out, my posts got better. The blog’s following finally took a backseat to its quality. I think that’s paying off for me. 

I’ve also realized a rarely go back and edit anything I wrote in my posts. I’m always moving forward to the next word, paragraph, idea. This is hardly the case in my stories, but I wish it were. There’s something so satisfying about cranking out a 500 word blog post naturally and efficiently. No pressures, no revisions. Just real thoughts on an e-canvas for the world (all three of you) to see. 

Start a blog. Not for the followers. Not for the glory. But for yourself. There’s a very small chance your blog will take off and people will wake up daily, their mouth watering for your next WordPress post. That’s just not the reality. And that’s ok. Write for yourself, find your voice, and you’ll improve whether you like it or not. 

Write on. 


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