19. Finding help online: Scribophile

The world of writing can get pretty lonely. You’re often left alone with your thoughts, and when you finally do get them on paper, what’s next? Are you going to show your stories to your mom? Your friends? Your professor has 100 papers to read, he probably doesn’t have time to critique your sci-fi fan fiction or your thrilling spy novel.

But you’re not alone. Scribophile is an awesome online service that works like this: you submit your stories, you critique others’, and eventually you receive feedback on your own writing. It’s a not-so-vicious cycle that will help you become a more competent writer every step of the way.

Every time you critique someone else’s work, you receive Karma Points. You can spend these points  to post your own stories, and in turn, others will do the same. I’ve been using the site for a few months, and it’s a cool system. The critiques are all very thought out and extensive. A lot of writing sites I’ve been on have a selfish community that is only concerned with having their own work read, but at Scribophile, the reviewing is all part of the process. Putting some thought into your critiques is going to benefit you and the author.

Check it out over at scribophile.com. Write on!


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