20. A semester in review

At the beginning of the semester, we were assigned to write 20 blog posts on a topic of our choosing. I chose to write about writing. Here are my thoughts on the process:

  1. I was never really concerned about coming up with enough post ideas to make this blog work. There are so many directions you can go with a blog like this, you should never run out of content. But what I didn’t anticipate was how just writing certain posts inspired so many other ideas. It’s not about sitting down and putting 50 ideas on paper. It’s more of a process. You write about character development, and then another thought pops into your head about something more specific. Female roles in fiction, how to write about depression in your characters in a way that’s not utterly miserable, ect. The possibilities for ideas are endless.
  2. Writing in a blog format is pretty unique. Especially when nobody is reading your blog. It’s just me and my thoughts in an empty HTML room. That kind of writing environment has helped me learn a lot about my style, my voice, and my weaknesses. I’ve also become a better writer in the sense that I’m a lot more willing to power through 2,000 words and worry about editing later. Blog posts are meant to be natural, and roll off your finger tips, so I’m trying to take some of that back to my writing.
  3. Researching topics for posts has helped me learn a lot. There are a ton of established bloggers out there who are experienced enough to write about their subjects without the need for much research. But a lot of the things I wanted to write about on Write On were things I’d never really thought about before. That might not be a great testament to my experience with writing, but the entire process helped me learn a lot.

At the end of this assignment, 20 blog posts later, I think I’m a more experienced writer who is inching towards the next level. There’s a ton of work that needs to be done, but writing has become less intimidating since I’ve attacked it in more of a methodical way on this blog. I’m going to keep posting into the future until I hit it big and get published. So I’ll be around for a while…

As always, Write On!


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